B2B Industrial Sales Platform

About Us

CommerzNXT was founded with the aim of revolutionizing industrial sales.

We’re driven by our passion to empower industrial sellers with the right tools to achieve long-term sustainable growth. We want to create an ecosystem that enables legacy supply companies to experience digital transformation and maturity.

Here for the future of industrial supply

  • Provide a continuously improving software platform for industrial distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers
  • Educate the industry on how to implement the right technology in the right way
  • Deliver thoughtful, strategic customer support and service to our customers
  • Help small-to-medium sized supply companies compete with much larger suppliers
  •  Deliver incredible value that can be measured by revenue and customer satisfaction

Our mission is simple...

Digital Transformation

  • Improve the day-to-day life of the industrial sales person by empowering them with a solution to manage and grow existing accounts which frees them up to land new customers and increase market share.
  • Improve the end-user customer experience by offering a truly omnichannel solution for shopping, quoting, ordering, and managing their account online.

Join the BETA Group and SAVE BIG!

In celebration of our launch, we’re offering special beta-group pricing for future-minded suppliers who are ready to face what’s next.

The first 10 customers will get a 3-month FREE trial and guaranteed lifetime pricing, saving thousands over the life of their subscription.

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