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Introducing CommerzNXT Digital Sales Solution and CRM for Industrial Suppliers

For immediate release: 04/10/23

CommerzNXT Inc.

CommerzNXT Launches Innovative CRM and Sales Solution for Industrial Suppliers

New automated sales platform aims to seamlessly connect traditional sales teams with eCommerce technology.

Palo Alto, CA: Today, CommerzNXT Inc., a software-as-a-service software company specializing in B2B industrial sales, announced that they will be launching their new sales platform, CommerzNXT, at the ISA23 convention in Phoenix, AZ, April 17-19, 2023.

This announcement comes after 6-months of product development and market research spearheaded by top industry experts in software development, project management, and industrial sales.

On the company’s podcast, “The Industrial Sales Pulse“, Vice President of Business Development, Matt Johnson said,

“The problem with B2B eCommerce adoption (for industrial distributors and manufacturers) has everything to do with the disconnection between sales and technology investments.”

According to the industry eCommerce veteran, the changes in the industrial buyer’s journey, accentuated by the COVID-19 pandemic, supply-chain disruption, and a turnover in generational power in the workforce has left traditional sales reps working harder than ever with less to show for their efforts.

Johnson continues,

“Our passion is to dramatically improve the customer experience by enabling eCommerce to work in the day-to-day life of an industrial sales rep. Experts agree the future of B2B industrial sales is a connected, omni-channel purchasing experience. Our mission is to help distributors and manufacturers bridge the gap between traditional sales and technology so they can sell smarter, faster, and better.”

CommerzNXT Inc., is now accepting consultation requests to join the first group of sales teams using the sales platform to power both offline and online sales.

To commence the launch of their new sales solution, CommerzNXT is offering 3-months of implementation and training free-of-charge to the first 10 qualified distributor or manufacturers. According to Johnson, spots in the introductory program are already filling up.

“One of the excciting things about being an early adopter of this new sales solution is the ability to inject a level of energy and optmism into your sales team while you lay the groundwork for the future of sales.”

About CommerzNXT Inc.: CommerzNXT is an AI-powered CRM (customer relationship management) software with integrated Chat, Quoting, eCommerce, and Order Management solutions designed specifically for industrial supply companies. CommerzNXT proprietary software and services bridge the gap between traditional sales and cloud-based applications.


Are You Ready for What’s Next?

Welcome to 2023.

We survived a global pandemic, unstable economies, supply chain nightmares, and a fundamental shift to the way we do business. But you’re still here, still serving your customers, still producing, distributing, and providing for the workforce that’s going to pull us out of this mess. And that’s why we believe in your business. You’re not going away, and you’re not backing down from the fight.

No matter how big the competitor, you own the hearts and minds of your customer. Our background in this industry has led us to create a tool that dramatically improves the customer purchasing experience, increases customer lifetime value, and significantly impacts top line sales and bottom line margin, because AI is doing to business now what email did in the 90s.

But unlike the 90s, today your customer has all the power.

Thanks to the internet, every price can be checked, every bad review scrutinized, and even technical product questions can be answered easily.

Now that leaves your team in a tough spot.

Either become an order taker, or deliver value beyond the inventory.

Today’s B2B sales process is longer and more complex than ever before.

Bigger accounts, the ones that spend more… the ones you want… are also really good at belt tightening and cutting costs. But if you’re up for the challenge, you can transform the way every customer engages with your brand by showing up in the channels where they need you the most:

Online, offline, in-store, in the field, EDI, punchout, B2B, B2C, online marketplaces, and more.

You’re not just ready for today, you’re ready for what’s NXT.

But what if you’re not a national big box conglomerate with $1,000,000 website and a team of minions at your beck and call?

You need something simple, but also powerful, connected. And most of all, affordable.

CommerzNXT is an AI-powered CRM with integrated e-commerce and order management solutions, designed specifically for industrial supply companies.

Simply put, we bridge the gap between your traditional sales team and your eCommerce technology, helping them sell smarter, faster, and better than ever before.

Think of us as a software partner who helps you punch above your weight class; taking on bigger markets, bigger customers, and bigger competitors.

This new platform is cloud based, lightning fast, and built for scale: unlimited products, unlimited customers, unlimited orders.

Customers and sales reps alike should be able to access account history, create RFQs and POs anywhere, any time.

I know what you’re thinking, “sales reps hate CRMs and changes to their routines”.

That is, until they experience CommerzNXT.

We teach your sales team how to set up a lightning fast customer quoting experience, featuring our RFQ-2PO proprietary sales process, including an AI-assisted chat bot, personalized proposals, and easy to manage pipelines and reporting.

Sales reps don’t need to jump between multiple applications to do their job more efficiently!

CommerzNXT is their one-stop-shop application that simplifies technology and data utilization so that you can maximize the return on your eCommerce and marketing technology investment.

Not to mention, Millennial and Gen Z employees love being able to keep notes, voice messages, and reminders.

Furthermore, the ability to access all that information in the palm of their hand, build a quote and send it within minutes results in a 20%+ operational increase!

And that means you can save on valuable overhead when building or managing your sales team.

Two reps using CommerzNXT can outperform three using legacy software and sales processes. That’s our guarantee.

Modernizing the sales process means less time with accounts who can service themselves, and more time for you to win new business and reengage detractors.

It's Okay to Ask for Help Sometimes

We know digital transformation can be complicated and overwhelming. 

Don’t worry, we can meet you wherever you’re at and point you in the right direction.